by Reed-Ritchotte

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Reed-Ritchotte is a collaboration between long-time San Diego front man Rick Reed and LA session guitarist and hired gun, Rocket Ritchotte (John Kay and Steppenwolf, Cher, Rickie Lee Jones, David Lee Roth, Rick Springfield, Lou Graham, Gregg Rolie). What began as an experiment evolved into a project and then, Finally… “a record!” Recorded over a two-year period, the album is an 11-song collection of blues-based rock with connections to their earliest playing days.

A friends and family effort, the record features Rocket’s son, Kane Ritchotte on drums (Portugal. The Man), Max Whipple on bass (from the indie bands Vas Defrans and Deux Sons), Brett Tuggle (Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Page, David Lee Roth, Chris Isaak) on keyboards and backing vocals, with Randy Troast on additional guitars and bass and guest performances by bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder, Kenny Wayne Shepard), drummer Charlie McGimsey (Stoneground, Steel Breeze), guitarist Steve Trovato, blues harpist Glen Doll, and singer Anna Montgomery.


released October 16, 2012

Rick Reed – lead vocals
Rocket Ritchotte – guitars
Randy Troast – guitar, bass
Brett Tuggle – keyboards, backing vocals
Max Whipple – bass
Kane Ritchotte – drums

Produced and recorded by Randy Troast
Mixed by Randy Troast and Ronan Chris Murphy
Mastered by Dale Becker, Bernie Becker Mastering
Assistant mastering engineer, Raymond J. Lowe Jr.
Art direction by Nelson Dodge
Photos by Dan Warner and Bill Glazier



all rights reserved


Reed-Ritchotte Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Ain't Got Nothin
Used to have a little girl, finally let her go
She backed me up, against the wall, so I kicked her out the door
I'm not the kind of man, who angers easily
Ain't no way I play the fool, when she's stepping out on me

Why-you-keep-on, hangin' round baby when you don't want to love me
Al-ways-did-my, best for you baby all you wanted was my money
Time-will-come-some-, body gonna take your little heart and break it
Can't-get-by-for, long girl no you just can't take it

Sitting in my living room, watching my video
I heard a knock on my front door, I wish that she would go
Walked in like I wasn't there, put her bags on the floor
Woman's got a lot of nerve, I don't want her no more

Some-girls-just-don't, think man I'm telling you the girl is crazy
Can't-get-by-for, long, girl no you're too damn lazy
What-the-hell-made, her think she could jump back in my life
Told-her-she-could, stop by later and talk to my wife

Girl you ain't got nothin', cause you ain't got me
You never stop your cryin, since you set me free
Girl you ain't got nothin', cause you ain't got me
Never stop your cryin, since you set me free

Tell me what you're gonna do
I don't want nothing to do with you

And I'm a happy man now
Don't you come hanging round me no more
Track Name: Five by Five
Don't mind the dust, I'm runnin' late
She'll be back, I'm already gone
I'm running hot, she's pullin' cold
Not to worry I'm running fine

Let's get away
Leave this all behind

Hold on tight, we're flying high
Comin in, five by five

Don't need your rules
I break 'em all the time
Got an open road
Yeah, five by five

Flyin's low, she's running hot
Don't mind the heat, just feel the road
Another time, another city
On the ride from dusk to dawn

We're almost there
Don't stop now, we're in the clear

Hold on tight, we're flying high
Comin in, five by five

We're flyin' five by five
Oh, side by side
We're flyin' five by five
Oh, side by side
Track Name: Broken Heart
You and me babe, all we do is fuss 'n fight
And all I've done, is try and make it right
Now I'm down, I'm down on bended knees
And all I ask, is for you to set me free

Angel fly me to the river
Send my soul downstream
Angel fly me to the river,
And let me... heal my broken heart

Angel came by my window pane
She said, why's your heart so heavy
You need to, to leave her gone
Cause that woman left you broken

I found my way back to the crossroads
I pray the blues will guide me now
I asked my angel, won't you guide me home
Help me find my broken heart

Angel fly me to the river
Won't you heal my broken heart
Track Name: Tear It Up
Sunset on sunset in her little red ‘vette
A top-down knock out in her see through best
I’m gonna win this bet, so we can… tear it up

Nothin’ seems to matter when you’re out all night
A little too young, or maybe just right
Don’t put up a fight, let’s just tear it up

Lethal when you whisper, deadly when you moan
Always leave me beggin’ like a dog for a bone
You’re a dangerous woman, ain’t that the truth
You’re comin’ on to me, but I’m comin after you

Climb behind the wheel, crankin’ up the throttle
Living for today, turnin’ up the bottle
Going out on top, we’re gonna tear it up

Never gonna stop, you’re just too hot
No matter how wrong, no matter how right
Cause the best thing to do with you is just… tear it up
Track Name: Give (your love to me)
When you touch me, when you tease me
Girl you drive me wild
For a moment, for an hour
Girl I don't know why

Give your love
Give your love to me today
We will live
We'll be, that way

When you hold me, in your arms
Give me everything you got
You delight me, you excite me
Baby please don't stop

Now it's over, did you like it
Did we commit a sin
Don't you say, another word
Let's do it again

Give your love
Give your love, to me right now
We will live
We'll be, that way
Track Name: Night Queen
I was taken on a trip
By a dark-haired miss
Callin' out my name
I wonder whose to blame
For the night queen

Lyin' in my bed
Visions in my head
Cold and soaking wet
Tryin' to forget the night queen

Well the sun it came up
Still I could not see
I poured myself a cup
Trying to clear my head
Of the night queen

You're the night queen
And your in my head

The more I run away
The closer she will stay
No matter where I turn and look
I'm staring at the face
Of the night queen

I was locked up in my room
Howlin' at the moon
I feel her getting near
Is it love or is it fear
Of the night queen

But it just occurred to me
I solved my mystery
Simple as can be
My baby rules my dreams
She's my night queen
Track Name: Bye Bye
Wasn't too very long ago
I used to think I was superman
Rockin' the house, playing the field
Doing everything I can
Came a time when I figured it out
Being led around by my nose
If I wanted to live to be a ripe old age
Something definitely had to go

Cause of my, my situation
Being led, led into damnation
Now it's time to leave, time to fly baby

And I'm sayin'... bye bye, goodbye baby bye bye
Bye bye, goodbye baby, bye bye

Line 'em up, knock 'em on down
Was the story of my past
All the people I thought were my friends
Sell their soul for another blast
Staying up till the rooster crows
Bay at the moon all night
Scared to death to close my eyes
Will I sleep, or will I die
Track Name: Never Loved a Woman
Lord I never had a woman
Love me quite the way you do
No I never had a woman
Love me quite the way you do
And you know it's true

Cause I never loved a woman
Like I'm gonna love you, tonight

Don't you tease me, won't you squeeze me now
Don't you hand me none of your lies
Don't you tease me, don't you squeeze me now
Don't you hand me none of your lies

Cause I never loved a woman
Like I'm gonna love you tonight
Track Name: Take Me Away
I try to understand, all the things you do... yes I try
I wanted to get, a little closer to you, but you lied to me
So I decided, to stand on my own, all alone
It didn't know just what to say, so it's here, in my song to you

Now open up my eyes
Take me away

You picked me up, then put me back down on the ground
I thought I had it straight, then you came home late, from the town
It's all over now so I'm leavin' tonight on that train
I'd stick around, talk it over with you, but it would all, be the same
Track Name: Woke Up Dead
Up in the morning, I think I woke up dead
All these crazy woman, runin' round in my head
Seems like the morning or was it, all night long
Maybe I'm dreamin', or maybe I'm already gone

Doctor, doctor
I don't mind the cure
Rock 'n roll heaven
Is looking pretty damn good

Voodoo mama, save me a stich 'n nine
Bury me standin' cause I'm all out of time

A dead man talking, makes for a blues man walking
Cold-hearted woman, like a rattlesnake shakin'
Sun's coming up I think I, woke up dead
Give the devil his due, cause the blue moon's red

Doctor, doctor, now here's my cure